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The olive wood factory and Blessings Gift shop is owned by Jiries Elias Giacaman and his Sons.A christian Family ,born in Bethlehem. Established in 1925 By his Father Elias Giacaman, and now is run by Bassem Giacaman, the 3rd Generation.

It’s the largest licencesed Olive wood Factory on Milk Grotto Street.Its next to the milk grotto church in Bethlehem.Theres a very large Grotto and Nativity set outside the factory and shop.

1st Generation: ELIAS  GIACAMAN

Elias Giacaman established the business in 1925.His Late father(Ibrahim) also worked in the olive wood ,making Rosaries. Read more…
Elias worked long late hours and nights ,and he created a reputation for himself,giving large expensive gifts to the king and Pope John Paul 2.He died at the age of 82 ,still working .He is very well known in the holy land for his olive wood carvings,and the mother of pearl skills.


Jiries Giacaman is one of the most skilled craftsman in PALESTINE.He has 50 solid years of experience .He worked along his father ,and he also taught his sons and nephews the trade..
He specialises in all the steps of wood carving,whereas today ,workers only specialise in doing 1 step. .He worked days and nights till 3am establishing the family business dispite the war and broke all odds to help his family threw the very hard times .Jiries like his father has given many gifts to different groups all over the world for their support . He has made his mark in Bethlehem like his father


Bassem Giacaman has lived and studied  Overseas in New Zealand.He has worked along side his father since he was 12 years old.He has a solid 15 years experience in  wood carving .Bassem worked as a carpenter just like Joseph and Jesus did in Nazareth.What better trade to have than what Jesus  Did.He studied a Bachelor of Science in mathematics at the Auckland University in New Zealand.

Despite all the trouble in the holy land and the construction of the 8 metre wall  and christians leaving the holy land, he has never forgotten his roots, and remains in the Holy land running the 3rd generation family business that his father and grandfather established.

Bassem is very friendly, speaks excellent english and if he says he will do something for you he will do it.He has been Recommend by many people on the interenet at many different  sites for his customer service and honesty and will give you the best possible price in Whole of Palestine.


You Must think different than others , otherwise you will become like them.
Many people all over the world buy from our olive wood factory, at Factory Prices ,no middle man to make commission or a cut ,and  you go distribute /sell at malls, churches, souvenir shop.

Biggest Markets are USA, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Poland. The opportunities are  SO BIG

You just simply buy at factory prices, and we Ship  the products to you within 5 -10  working days, and you resale them.

For more information, please email Bassem Giacaman, and he can guide you through the whole process, and answer any questions you might have.


We Never pressure our customers to buy anything from us. we welcome them to our shop, and give them the best discounts. We guarantee you that you will have quality hand made products made from the finest olive wood in Bethlehem (only from pruned trees, no trees are cut down or damaged).

We Manufacture /export/deliver to all countries .we are not like other shops who say they have an olive wood Factory, and you never get to see it, or take you to someone else factory pretending its there’s.

Our factory is next door, same building. You will see our workers making the finest olive wood carvings ,and you get to see them in your own 2 eyes and take as many pictures as you want. You get to see the olive wood, see how we dry it naturally for 6 months before we work with it, the machines ,the workers.


Why olive wood is used ,and not any other wood?

Because it’s a Native to the holy land. The 1st olive wood groves were grown over 6000 years ago.

Jesus was arrested on the mount of olives before he died.

California University carbon dated in 1990, the olive groves on the Mount of Olives to be over 2300 years old. They still remain standing today.
An olive wood tree is a very slow growing tree, and must be over 150 years before we could prune it.

No one is allowed to cut any olive trees down. Once the tree reaches over 150 years old, before we could prune it. The older the olive tree the darker the colour on the wood will be, and the younger the olive tree, the lighter the colour will be.

The pruning starts straight after the olives are harvested in October and ends mid march, after march the olives starts developing on the tree.

The tree is never damaged, pruning is very important every year, so new branches grow and olive tree yields more olives every year.

  • From the tree we get olives , and from the olives we get our olive oil, and the left over pulp we make soap etc
  • Olive Tree is a symbol of Peace –the Bible story of Noah and the Flood.
  • We use Olives for eating and putting on our pizza.
  • We use the seeds of the Olives to make Rosaries.
  • We use the pruned wood to make beautiful handmade wood carvings

From the olive tree, the best pruned pieces are used for making beautiful carvings, and the saw dust gets past to people to use in their farms.
Tiny of cuts get bagged for the cold winter fire.

Since the days of Noah, the Olive Tree has been a symbol of peace. Farmers still continue to grow olive trees as a way of staying connected to the holy land struggles and war for one day to have Peace.


5 -10 days   by plane
50-55 days  by sea

A tracking number will be supplied within 3 working days, and emailed to you, so you could track down the parcels whereabouts.
Parcels will be delivered to your door step.

We only charge you for the shipping that we get charged by our postage company, whereas other companies say free shipping , but their products are so expensive, they cover their shipping that way. We have nothing to hide.

Our shipping company, is very reliable, honest, on time and very well priced.


Bassem Giacaman, who runs both The Olive Wood Factory and The Blessings Gift Shop will never disclose  your phone number  ,address , email, personal information, credit card details to any person. He is the sole operator, and takes people’s privacy very seriously.


Credit Card, Bank Transfer

1st Generation

ELIAS  GIACAMAN established the business in 1925. His Late father(Ibrahim) also worked in the olive wood, making Rosaries. Read more…

2nd Generation

JIRIES ELIAS GIACAMAN is one of the most skilled craftsman in Palestine. He has 50 solid years of experience. He worked along his father, and he also taught his sons and nephews the trade.. Read more...

3rd Generation

BASSEM JIRIES GIACAMAN has lived and studied overseas in New Zealand. He has worked along side his father since he was 12 years old. He has a solid 15 years experience in wood carving. Read more...